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When ordering music, be sure to send multiple ID3 Tag info rather than just the ID3 TAG.Dosimetric effects of a lung-sparing plan for thoracic irradiation of locally advanced lung cancer. To quantify the dosimetric effects of a lung-sparing plan for thoracic irradiation of locally advanced lung cancer. Eight locally advanced non-small cell lung cancers were randomly assigned to receive thoracic irradiation delivered using a conventional non-lung-sparing plan (9 Gy in 1 fraction; 2 Gy/day; 30 days) or a lung-sparing plan (7 Gy in 2 fractions of 5 Gy each, delivered in 2 weeks; 2 Gy/day; 30 days). The lung-sparing treatment plan achieved the same target coverage as the non-lung-sparing plan, and within-patient variation in dose-volume histograms for organs at risk was significantly lower. The dose-volume histograms for lungs were almost identical for the non-lung-sparing plan and the lung-sparing plan, except for a small volume of the ipsilateral lung that received a significantly higher dose in the lung-sparing plan. Lung-sparing thoracic irradiation of locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer results in similar dose-volume histograms for the ipsilateral lung compared with conventional non-lung-sparing irradiation, with a slight increase in mean dose in the ipsilateral lung. The lung-sparing plan is associated with a higher overall treatment time due to dose-limiting acute effects.Q: Add event to HTML element I want to add the event when user click on the div element. My code is var x = document.getElementById('myTextBox'); x.onclick = function() { alert("Hello"); } Hello A: You have to add the handler after the element has been created (in your code, inside the onload handler): window.onload = function() { x.onclick = function() { alert("Hello");



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Digitalintegratedelectronicsbytaubandschillingebookdownload marshia

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