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Generate Shiny Apps with Shiny Comprehensive set of tools that includes Tableau for visualizing data, MathStuff and rUnit for doing linear algebra, and Shiny for making user interfaces, all in one package. Includes samples that do A/B testing, deploys to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and provides templates for the Shiny Server. Pandas Data frame manipulation for Python with broad support for file formats like csv, comma separated values, as well as many others. Pandas allows you to find columns and data from your text files, group together columns, drop unwanted columns, take averages, find outliers, convert to dates, convert to categorical, and more. CSV Comma Separated Values are a common format to store tabular data. It is also the default file format for a lot of languages and libraries. CSVs let you import a lot of files, parse CSV files, and export CSVs.Kirchgau The Kirchgau (; ; ) is a region located in the middle of Bavaria in southern Germany, where the Alpine landscape meets the North Sea. It is named after the chapel of Kirchberg, a Benedictine abbey whose territory includes the Kirchgau region. Its name stems from the early middle ages when the region was part of the Duchy of Swabia and also included the Kirchheimbolanden region in Alsace. The Kirchgau comprises the districts (German: Landkreise) of Grafschaft zu Kirchheim, Gutenzell, Kirchheimbolanden, Kirchheim unter Teck and Schafberg. History The village of Gutenzell is located on the border of the St. Gallen cantons of Meilen and Leuggern, and was until the mid-13th century, the westernmost point of the Habsburg territories in Switzerland. In 888, Louis the Pious founded the Benedictine monastery in Kirchberg, at that time on the border between the Duchy of Swabia and the Duchy of Bavaria, today near Gutenzell. After the 10th-century German king Otto I gave the area to the monastery, it became an important stop along a trade route between Upper and Lower Bavaria. During the High




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